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  • Expertly designed socks for babies that promise to stay on, reducing the hassle for parents.
  • Toddler-friendly low-cut floor socks with anti-slip design for safe indoor play.
  • non-slip baby socks for everyday comfort and protection.
  • Classic look baby socks by Babysoy, solid colored with non-slip features for elegance and safety.
  • Stay-on baby and toddler non-slip socks in vibrant colors
  • Baby non-skid socks with grips featuring playful patterns
  • Soft and comfortable non-skid infant socks for all seasons
  • Comfortable ankle socks equipped with grips for a secure and snug fit for little ones.
  • Vibrant, multi-colored grip socks for toddlers and young children, offering both fun and safety.
  • Cheerful and colorful non-slip skid socks for kids, decorated with entertaining grips.
  • Reliable baby socks crafted to stay on tiny feet, preventing slips and falls.
  • Anti-slip toddler crew socks with good designs
  • Unisex cotton baby socks with stay-on technology
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Long & Short - 2 Double Sets (4 pairs) of Socks

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  • Stays on their feet
  • Can be worn with shoes
  • Extra Grip
Stay Cozy at Home: When your toddler is indoors, slip on the warm, shorter socks with a sticky grip material on the bottom. Perfect for safe, slip-free playtime inside!

Ready for Outdoor Adventures: Heading out? Simply remove the short warm socks and let your little one wear the long, comfy socks with their shoes. They'll be all set for exciting outdoor expeditions!
  • 2 Sets of Long socks + Short warm non-slip socks.
  • Extra soft and fluffy.
  • Materials: Long Socks- 78.9% cotton, 19.3% polyester, 1.8 spandex, Short Socks- 88.9% cotton, 10.3% nylon, 0.8% spandex
  • Washing instructionswe recommend a washing temperature of  30°C/86°F.


High grip, stretch, soft, extra warm, thick, autumn-winter

Sizing Guide

Medium- 1-3 year old kids (12 cm / 4.72" - 14 cm / 5.5" feet)

Large- 3-5 year old kids ( 14 cm / 5.51" feet - 16 cm / 6.30")

Small- 6-12 months (9cm / 3.54" feet - 12 cm / 4.72")

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Our high grip socks are worn by thousands of active toddlers and children in over 50 countries.