Our Story

Our story- it's all about grip, quality and cute design

Onto the next adventure!

We want our children to experience the world to the fullest, but to do so safely. To explore and adventure, but without falling too often if possible.

For a toddler who learns how to walk, slippery socks can cause trouble. Same goes for young kids who are full of energy on the one hand, but unaware of their body's capabilities and limits on the other hand. 

Being parents to two young kids who love running all over the house wreaking havoc, we learned the hard way that our little ones need better grip when they're playing.

Yoga socks are known for their quality and the extra grip they give to those who practice yoga. They're perfect as non-slip socks for early walkers and active kids.

Our aim is to let kids be kids, without slipping.  All of our socks provide your little ones with super grip.

Comfort and quality

With LittleYogaSocks, kids can learn how to walk safely, while keeping their feet warm and cozy.  We use the highest quality cotton blends only. Extra soft, breathable and stretchy, our socks are perfect for your toddler/child's tender feet.

 Designs that kids love

Our grippers socks come in colourful, cute and stylish designs that children love.

Is your child having a Koala day? no problem, we have you covered. Rainbow colours? yes please. bicolor- of course!  

Discover the "Great Adventures Collection" here.